Pional — It's All Over

“Arriving as the first video for a release on John Talabot’s Barcelona-based record label Hivern Discs, the dramatic party-gone-wrong animation for “It’s All Over” by Pional was inspired by a documentary on Spanish youth culture in the early 90s. Directorial duo Manson built the four-minute video around Ruta Destroy, a documentary which depicts the early days of electronic music and its effect on youth culture in Valencia. For the flickering video, the team edited nearly 2000 images together, printed each frame, applied water-colours, scanned them and then re-edited them all together.”

Dazed & Confused


Pau López Peñalver
Tomás Peña
Mario Mucho
Fabiola Franutti
Tatina Vazest
Rubén Fabbri
Max Ammo
Edme Galas